Thursday, 5 December 2013

Mahendi Designs


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Mahendi has broken free of the traditional wedding,Eid days and is being applied for a Valentine?s Day bash , a formal party or even an evening at a disco. In its new avatar, mahendi has been elevated to the status of body art and a fashion accessory for the fashion-conscious youngsters.
Here you find variety of mahendi styles and lots more...

Mahendi Designs

The ancient sindhi civilization  was the place, where the aesthetic utilization of leisure was freely indulged. There has been evidence, that the excavations of sites dating back to 3000 B.C.  (all over Sindh) is also true, around 1200 years ago when Jaina Dakshiniya Chihna (778 A.D.) described the distinguished features of Sindhis in this way: "Elegant, with a lovely, soft and slow gait, they are fond of the art of Gandharvas (that is, songs, music and dancing) and full affection towards their country."
Sindhi Culture                

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